Creative workshop

created by me, Fabio Nucci




M.Y.B. is a design service created to help professionals like you to discover how to own your personal story and convert it into a visible and unique brand.

It's a co-creative methodology designed by me that allows you to participate directly, actively during the creative process to create your Personal Logo (your "Personal Brand"). It's a journey through a visual/graphic talk, I as a designer guide you throughout the process, emerging concepts, ideas, images and drawings. Together through mutual agreements, we'll get to design solutions.

It's a very creative and quite revealing process that offers to you great insights and reflections about yourself and your professional performance.

The deliverables:

Your logo (in vector file + JPG)

Creative workshop session of 3 hours

Business Card Design

Brand positioning/ strategic canvas

Custom PPT Presentation Template file

What you'll get from it:

  • A genuine, original and unique logo made by an expert designer
  • Many new insights about your career and your future
  • See your life-career path in a different point of view
  • Gaining clarity and confidence in the strategic direction of your life
  • Awareness about what you need in order to achieve your goals
  • Awareness about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Personal and professional alignment
  • Empowerment of your own story
  • Improvement of your self-introduction/ Pitch
  • Gain stakeholder knowledge on what the personal brand stands for
  • Guidance for future content communications
  • The steps you need to achieve your goals




Your personal brand is not WHAT you do, but WHO you are as an individual and WHY you do what you do. It is your unique way of thinking and how this is reflected into your actions, your behaviour.
Purpose = acting based by your own beliefs = behaviour


The purpose of the logo is to communicate visually and effectively the brand's essence. It’s like a the tip of an iceberg - the visible part of an enormous non-visible structure.
In order to communicate your brand essence in a comprehensive way, it is used a set of elements which together make the message enough clear and powerful:

- An icon or pictogram (and what it communicates)
- and/ or The brand name
- The kind of Typography
- The chosen colours
- Texture and visual effects


"Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room"

- Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon



1. The world is changing

We have figured out that following the desires of our parents doesn’t bring us happiness. Working on something that makes more sense bring us daily satisfaction. Being aligned with our principles and values has become more fundamental. Make what we love is now urgent!

2. Originality is king!

In a land of mass culture, the one who is original, is king.

3. You are unique

As our fingerprint everybody is unique. My job is emerge your identity in an intense and beautiful process.

4. It's a celebration moment

I believe that the moment of launching a personal brand is a very special moment of a person's life.

5. Brand is your talisman

With the logo we are creating an amulet to the future. Historically, amulets are believed to offer extraordinary magical properties and powers for those who possess it.

6. Everybody is creative

As a plant, we only need to provide the proper/ correct environment that makes it flourish.

7. 1+1 = 3

I believe that participatory design as a human-centered design is the way for solving all problems in our world.

8. We are all experts (in our fields)

The client is the one who knows more than anyone else about your segment, your clients and the problem to be solved.

9. Help others doing what I love

I've learned that my calling is helping people to find/ understand their individual goals and help them to get there, expressing their identity.

10. The turning point

There is a particular moment in life that we need to become PRO, act as a pro, be recognised as a pro.

11. High quality human's connection

One of the things I like most about this program is the quality of conversations with my clients.During the process we go in deep on person's beliefs, having the rare opportunity to meet each other based on mutual trust.


"You will be fundamentally happier if you bring more who you are in what you do."

- Richard Leider



• The MYB can also be applied for duos or groups?

The workshop was initially designed to be 1 to 1, in real time. But it's also possible to make it for duos or groups. (contact me)

• For who it's made for?

It's indicated for all people that need to launch themselves as a personal brand such as freelancer, entrepreneur, artists, musicians, therapists, etc...

• Where it's realized?

The workshop can be realized in person, locally around the world (at the location of your choice) or remotely via video call (Zoom or Skype).

• How long does it take?

The entire process from signing the contract to deliver all pieces takes in average 10 to 15 days.

• Do I need to know how to draw?

You don't need to know drawing! We will use your representative/ symbolical drawings as a way of idea's expression. I will as an experienced designer translate your drawings into a beautiful logo ;)

• Since when the workshop is been realized?

This workshop was created by me in 2013 and it has been constantly improved and refined from more than 20 real sessions with professionals of more than 6 different countries.





Inspiration and dedication
"Fabio's quick inspiration and dedication to the task made him a pleasure to work with. Thanks!" Richar John
He has an own unique approach
In everything he does, he is very well prepared and he delivers on time. His workshop was content-rich and well organized. He has an own unique approach in his content and visuals while staying close to the wishes of his client. Herman Assink
He understood my company´s vision and converted the core values into a logo
Fabio is a reliable creative professional with experience in Brand Image. He understood my company´s vision and converted the core values into a logo. I would recommend Fabio for any job related to branding, imaging and website design. Mercedes Ramirez
What a pleasure to work with Fabio!
"A talented and experienced designer, he did a structured session to uncover what he can use to tell my story via attractive graphics for the webpage, stationery etc. He was very well prepared and organized and he delivered the full package. I can definitely recommend him!" Carrie Ballard

Would you like to know more?
Please, let me know your email and I will send you a PDF with more information!

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