I am a creative, graphic designer and creator of the program
Make your own Brand a creative workshop for freelancers.

Checking my works, you won't find visual complicated design solutions that takes time to understand. My designs are simple, and they get straight to the point: focus on simplicity, intuitive layouts and visual harmony. I don’t try to be authentic or creative, I just try to be myself. I love the simplicity, and this is a need in my life; it is indeed my lifestyle.
I am specialist in logo design / brand identity design, and I offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world. I am a 34 years old Brazilian (and half Italian), currently based in The Netherlands.
I enjoy drawing and rock climbing. It frees my mind and keeps me integrally motivated to overcome my limits. o/
We can stay in touch via Newsletter, Instagram, Twitter, Behance, LinkedIn or you can follow my Mixtapes on Spotify 🙂
+31 0627166543